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MSNBC’s Figliuzzi: Biden Should Invite DOJ to Search His Office and Properties

‘I think it’s the next logical step’
By Grabien Staff


FIGLIUZZI: “Well, precisely. And so, we don’t have what it takes for a search warrant in this case, which is why I wrote this column saying, you know, we’ve got something else available to us here. And when I say ‘us,’ I mean America, I mean Joe Biden, I mean the FBI and DoJ. And that’s called a consent search. Most FBI agents keep copies in their briefcase of a form called consent to search. It happens every day in this country where people say, yeah, sure. Look, I’m cooperating. Come on. Take a look. Just tell me what you’re looking for and we’ll agree on the parameters. This helps, of course, the next logical step in the special counsel’s investigation, which is, what’s the scope of documents we’re talking about? How do we know? How do we trust the Biden legal team? Let’s do it ourselves. And it helps Biden to say I am cooperating, and that guy over there, Donald Trump, he’d never allow the FBI without a search warrant. So, I think it’s the next logical step, in any normal leak investigation that I’ve run in my career, would be to ask a cooperating person if they can take a look around.”

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