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MSNBC’s Katie Phang: Nikki Haley over Trump Is Like Saying ‘a Different Form of Torture Would Be Better than the Worse Form of Torture’

‘I get to say it because it’s my show’
By Grabien Staff


CURBELO: "Well, I think Donald Trump should be worried about Nikki Haley, because if she's given the opportunity to face off with him one-on-one in some of these states, I do think Nikki Haley can give him a run for his money. And I think most Americans would agree that a Haley presidency would be better than a Trump presidency. So Donald Trump looks very strong right now, but the one candidate who could wrestle away this nomination from him is Nikki Haley."
PHENG: "That's like saying a different form of torture would be better than the worst form of torture, saying Haley over Trump.”


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