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MSNBC’s Rattner on Thanksgiving: Good News, Cranberries Are Down 13%

‘There is a lot of cranberries out there’
By Grabien Staff


RATTNER: “Yeah, yeah, it's -- it's pretty amazing. They're up 18 percent, up to $81.31, which you can see in the chart -- in the bar chart in the middle there. And it was just a year ago, $68.72. This is to feed a family of ten. And on the right, you can see some of the main items that go into your Thanksgiving dinner, stuffing up -- we'll talk about the reasons in a second -- stuffing up 69 percent, rolls up 22 percent, pumpkin pie up 22 percent. Turkey, which is the biggest item on your Thanksgiving plate, not surprisingly, up 21 percent, also up $5 fully a third of that increase. And the only -- the only one that's down is cranberries, which are down for 4 percent -- sorry, 13 percent. And I know somebody is going to ask me why are cranberries down 13 percent? And the answer is because unlike a lot of -- the rest of it, I'm going to tell you cranberry crops were up 4 percent.”
GEIST: “Oh, they were.”
RATTNER: “And so there's a lot of cranberries out there.”
GEIST: “All right, some good news.” [crosstalk]

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