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MSNBC’s Dr. Gupta: ‘Indoor Dining Should Be Banned Nationwide’

‘Indoor dining, especially in air conditioned settings, can increase transmission of Covid-19’


GUPTA: “A lot of the things the reporters that you’ve already spoken to have mentioned, we need people to understand the importance of sheltering in place and essential travel only. Frankly, I love what Governor Murphy and what Mayor Bill de Blasio have done when it comes to essentially walking back opening of indoor dining. Stephanie, what we have seen in the last few months is that study after study after China, for example, suggesting that indoor dining, especially in air-conditioned settings, can increase transmission of Covid-19, 19 times higher than if you are sitting outside in a patio. So it’s okay to do outdoor dining. Indoor dining should be banned nationwide. Big political rallies, other gatherings that have been planned, that I have seen, indoor-type gatherings need to be banned for the time being. Those are some basic things.”

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