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MSNBC’s Geist & Scarborough Blast Dem-Run San Francisco on Crime: ‘Out of Control’

‘Absolutely not surprising to anyone who lives in San Francisco’
By Grabien Staff


GEIST: "So Joe, while some of these images, of course, are shocking to look at, they are absolutely not surprising to anyone who lives in San Francisco. Given what’s happened in the last few years there, which is the district attorney has signaled there, 'We're just not going to prosecute property crimes, we're going to do it at a much lower rate than it’s ever been done. In fact, it will be a misdemeanor if you steal less than $950.' That was a proposition, that referendum that passed in that city. All the signals — and it’s not just San Francisco, but it’s what we’re talking about here — are that, 'If you want to go in and steal stuff, we’re going to sit back and let it happen, or at least we’re not going to prosecute you after we catch you.'"

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