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MSNBC’s Katy Tur Gives Play-by-Play Commentary of Trump-Macron Handshake

‘President Trump, famous for the Art of the Deal and really the art of the handshake’
By Grabien Staff


TUR: "And before we head to the break, there's something making the rounds today, and we just could not resist it. President Trump, famous for the Art of the Deal and really the art of the handshake, you may have seen some of his best greetings with world leaders, including this famous white knuckle handshake when he and French president Emmanuel macron first met. This is one for the highlight reel. You will see him going in, reechk first for the handshake. They're headaching. It's a Normal handshake. They are not letting go. Donald Trump patting on the top, still shaking. Macron is off balance, he's off his feet. A pat on the back. They are still shaking, folks. They're wrestling, they're holding. Who is going to come hout? Is somebody going to break this shake? Oh, the French first lady is in for it. There is a three way handshake going on right now. The world's first three way handshake. Will it be a four way handshake? Is Melania getting in? They've got an arm. Four way handshake. But macron and trump have let go of each other. Is this the end? There's a pat on the shoulder. Are we done with this? No, we are not done with this. There is one more handshake."

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