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MSNBC’s Kornacki: ‘Hispanics Are Now Voting Democratic By Just 13 Points’; The Margin Was 38 Points in 2016

‘The trend seems to be continuing in 2022’
By Grabien Staff


KORNACKI: "Well, it was one of the major stories to emerge from the 2020 elections, it was the shift we saw in the Hispanic vote. Democrats still won the Hispanic vote in 2020, you can see, by 21 points, but that was down 17 points from 2016. Hillary Clinton won the Hispanic vote by 38, Joe Biden by just 21. And you know what? The trend seems to be continuing in 2022. What you are looking at here, this is the average of every poll we have got out there that’s been taken over the last three months that looks at the Hispanic vote. And you put them all together, Hispanics are now voting Democratic by just 13 points, so from 38 to 21, now down into the 2022 midterm polling to a Democratic advantage of just 13 points."

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