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MSNBC’s Maddow: We’ve Never Seen a SCOTUS Nominee Promise ‘Revenge’ on His Political Enemies

‘We have never seen a Supreme Court nominee come out swinging like that against his perceived political enemies’
By Grabien Staff


MADDOW: "What goes around, comes around. We have never seen a Supreme Court nominee come out swinging like that against his perceived political enemies. We’ve never seen a Supreme Court nominee come out and name his political enemies, and furthermore warn them, what goes around, comes around. We certainly haven’t seen someone naming his political enemies and promising his revenge against them to be followed by that person actually getting voted onto the court. So now we have new questions. Nobody can force a Supreme Court justice to recuse from any particular case. I mean, who’s going to tell them to do anything, right? They’re the Supreme Court. But how does anybody, any American with any connection to what he’s now named as his political enemies, how do they handle a potential case before him at the Supreme Court? It’s not like there is an alternate court you can go to that doesn’t have a justice on it who’s declared his enemy, and that what goes around, comes around. Here’s another new question. Right now there are more than 2,400 law professors who have signed their names to a letter arguing that Kavanaugh shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court because of what he displayed in his confirmation hearing in terms of his judicial temperament. What will justice Kavanaugh do to them the next time they bring their business before the court? Law professors have business before the court all the time. Have they just created their own blacklist? There’s also, of course, Christine blasey Ford. What will Brett Kavanaugh do to her if she asks local police to investigate her claim that he assaulted her? There is no statute of limitations for felonies in Maryland. What if she decides to file a civil suit against a sitting Supreme Court justice? What will justice Kavanaugh do? What could he do given the position to which he’s about to ascend? And then there is the flip side of this. What happens if Democrats gain control of one or both houses of Congress and they follow through on their threats to continue to investigate Kavanaugh, not only for the sexual assault allegations, but for potential perjury, for potentially having lied under oath to the Senate during this confirmation process? How would he deal with that? How would he deal with that kind of — what did he call it? Orchestrated political hit, once he’s sitting on the court?"

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