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MSNBC’s Mitchell: Some Americans ‘Falsely Claiming’ Covid Lockdowns Violate Rights

‘How has this evolved?’


MITCHELL: “Why has this become almost a political issue? It’s a safety issue, and you can choose or not choose to follow those guidance -- that guidance. But it seems in some areas this has become a red/blue issue, or some people falsely claiming it’s a matter of their rights as Americans. We've seen, of course, the protesters in Michigan, some of them armed gone up against the governor. How has this evolved? Do you think it's being drummed up politically or is this just more of them divide in America?”
NESSEL: “I don’t think it would be a divide if only we would have a president who would be willing to do the right thing. And I think that the protesters are simply taking their Qs from the president. They're taking their Qs from him. And when he refuses to wear a mask, even though Dr. Fauci has indicated that that is best practices, and I will say in terms of our manufacturing plants like the one he’s going to be touring today, you know, these are lengthy discussions that were had between our automakers, the UAW and the governor. And they’re the ones who decided that best practices were in order to properly protect all of the people that work at manufacturing facilities, is simply to wear a mask. You know, it’s -- it's painless, it’s easy to do. But we know that it offers so much protection. But every time that you have the president refusing to wear one, it sends this message to all of his supporters that you don’t have to follow state law. You don’t have to follow these simple protocols. And it puts all of our state residents and all of our workers at great risk."

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