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MSNBC’s Nance: ‘The Second Amendment Nullified the Right to Live’ for this Texas Church

‘The common denominator of all of these are the firearms’
By Grabien Staff


ANCHOR: "With all this stuff, is we still don't know. It's been a month since las Vegas. We may never know with this either."
NANCE: "Right. The news cycle will just eat it up to the point where you won't go back and relook at that issue until somebody comes out with a press conference or there's another shooting but look at the terrorist incident that we had in Orlando and I'm sure this would be a fascinating psychological profile. We had a combination of a person's personal grievance, cultural inassimilation, his sexual problem that he had with relation to his family and it turned into an incident that he claimed for ISIS, but the common denominator of all of these are the firearms. I'm a firearms' owner. I own a lot. The Second Amendment in this case has nullified the right to live for many people in this church and I think a national discussion has to happen. It's not too -- we constantly run away from it but we'll keep doing this until we have that discussion."
ANCHOR: "I want to make this point in that I don't want people to think watching we're being insensitive by having this conversation. At the end of the day, 25 people or more lost their lives including children today and this community is going to be reeling and hurting for a very long time and the press may move on but the major point is sometimes during conflicts, during tragedies like this one is the very time to have these conversations because that's when real change can happen. That being said we are still very aware of how many questions there are and not many answers and the loss of life, the incredible loss of life here. All of that needing to be considered within this conversation itself."

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