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MSNBC’s O’Donnell: The ‘Demented Madness’ of Rush Limbaugh Is the ‘Reason’ Trump’s President

‘Rush Limbaugh gives Trump supporters the counter-theory to the Mueller report’
By Grabien Staff


O’DONNELL: “Once Rush Limbaugh realize that had Donald Trump was going on win the nomination and for his flawless support every day of the Trump presidency and every day of the Trump re-election campaign. It is Rush Limbaugh who has the time and the wide imagination to supply Trump support werss the full fury of the case about why no one should believe that Vladimir Putin is really doing what Vladimir Putin is really doing. What Vladimir Putin publicly said that he did which is interfere in the election. Rush Limbaugh gives Trump supporters the counter-theory to the Mueller report, proof that Vladimir Putin has invaded our election process. And it is deeply twisted and weird and hugely contradictory to what Rush Limbaugh himself said in the past. And it is delusional and insulting to the thinking offully human being and it all begins with — weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You need to know what people are telling each other I ask you just this once to listen to two minutes. Just two minutes of the demented madness that Rush Limbaugh pumps into the brains of Trump supporters every day because, because this is the reason Donald Trump is president.”

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