MSNBC’s Ruhle Chokes Up When Recounting Having to Hide Trump’s Comments from Her Kids
‘I don’t want this to be in the history books that my children are going to grow up with’


RUHLE: “Ali, it’s not about politics.”
RUHLE: “It’s about decency.”
VELSHI: “That is correct.”
RUHLE: “And what we have seen in the last 24 hours, what has me the most upset, I don’t want this to be in the history books that my children are —“
VELSHI: “Yeah.”
RUHLE: “— going to grow up with. Last night at dinner, we — my — my house — we do roses and thorns. We say the worst part of your day and the best part of my day. And in front of my kids, I couldn’t tell them —“
VELSHI: “What the worst part of your day was.”
RUHLE: “— what the worst part of my day was —“
VELSHI: “Yeah.”
RUHLE: “— and it was the president of the United States who did it.”
VELSHI: “Yeah.”
RUHLE: “And that isn’t politics, that’s just sad.”
VELSH: “We can only hope that this will be an asterisk in a very noble American history when it comes to immigrants and taking people in from tough places. Look, there are also — that’s why people come to America. But we respect that. We know that when you come here, you come to work harder than you probably did at home, whether you came here of your own volition or by force. This has been a country about people coming here and making it into what it is today. So, we’re not finished with this fight.”
RUHLE: “It’s one voice and there are millions of voices in this country.”

(Via Mediaite)