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MSNBC’s Ruhle: Trump’s Ride or Die Base Is ‘a Bunch of People Wearing Nazi T-Shirts’

‘That is not the Republican Party’
By Grabien Staff

RUHLE: “He has the voters. We saw who the President’s ride-or-die base is, Peter. It was a bunch of people wearing Nazi t-shirts, homemade fur pelts and horns. That is not the Republican Party. So as far as the President’s kingmaker status, have we just realized it was maybe all just a marketing scheme? Because think about it, on his watch — yes, he won in 2016, but his party lost the House, they lost the White House, they lost the Senate. And think about his big reveal on Wednesday. We saw who his ride-or-die base are.”

ALEXANDER: “Yes, Stephanie, you’re right.”

RUHLE: “And he was embarrassed by them.”

ALEXANDER: “It was only four years ago the President said we would get so tired of the winning. Well, you just listed all the losing the President has presided over the course of these last several years and going out in this sort of ball of flames right now, with the Capitol literally being ransacked by his supporters. People that back him. The President remarkably, though, still maintains this unique power over so many within his own system. So many Republicans — consider those who came from districts where they won. He may have lost but they won in close races because his popularity remains significant in those spots. But then take a step back. There are those more traditional, more established Republicans, including, among others, the former communications director for this White House, Alyssa Farah. Literally a month ago she worked in the West Wing, the communications director for the President. But just this morning, she publicly said that she would feel safer if President Trump resigned his post right now. She said in conversations to me in recent weeks that she saw the way this was going. She was afraid of the way the President had been handling himself, embarrassed by it, and said that she wished the President would just focus on his accomplishments, but in these waning days I think everyone is waiting to see what happens next, what unique vulnerabilities the country has right now, and how many folks will stay behind to act as adult supervisors in the West Wing with just 12 days to go.”

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