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NAACP President: Rittenhouse Is a Warning Shot that ‘Vigilante Justice’ Is Allowed in Certain Communities

‘He put himself in harm’s way based on the rhetoric that he’s seen on social media’
By Grabien Staff


JOHNSON: "You know, it's hard for African-Americans to reconcile what we witnessed in that trial. We have far too many individuals sitting in jail for crimes they didn't commit or overcharged for crimes that were committed. And here you have a 17-year-old who illegally purchased a gun, traveled across state lines to protect property that was not his, for owners that — who did not invite him, and he put himself in harm's way based on the rhetoric that he seen on social media platforms. So it's hard to reconcile the verdict with the experience that many African-Americans have faced over several decades. So this — this trial for us is a warning shot that vigilante justice is allowed in this country, or in particular communities."

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