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Nadler Threatens Government Shutdown over Bill ‘Protecting’ Mueller: ‘We Must Do Whatever We Can’

‘We have to do whatever we can to protect that investigation’
By Grabien Staff


TODD: "You have openly talked about holding up the government funding vote until the Mueller protection bill is either — a vote is held on it or not. Is that still your current stance? And is that the stance you want Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to take?"
NADLER: "Well, my current stance, and I think our stance generally, is that we must do whatever we can to protect the Mueller investigation from interference by the president. We are dependent on that investigation to get to the bottom of the corruption in the campaign, of the Russian role in the campaign, in the Trump campaign, the president’s role in colluding with the Russians if he did. We know his campaign did, the question is did he personally. So we have to do whatever we can to protect that investigation."

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