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Napolitano: Judge Who Struck Down Trump’s Travel Ban Used ‘out of Context’ Quotes from Fox News

‘Both orders took the words of candidate Trump and ascribed them to President Trump in defiance of Supreme Court opinions’
By Grabien Staff


NAPOLITANO: "They picked the most incendiary things that Donald Trump said. They also view --"
BARTIROMO: “During the campaign.”
NAPOLITANO: “Yes. Yes. There's nothing that the president --"
BARTIROMO: "Nothing --" [crosstalk]
NAPOLITANO: "Nothing that the president said after January 20, 2017." [crosstalk]
BARTIROMO: "That's -- I want to make that point."
NAPOLITANO: "They use language uttered by Mayor Giuliani, here, Kellyanne Conway here and ascribed those things all of which were taken out of context to the true purpose behind this order. Now, what's the next step? The next step is unfortunately for the president to go back to the same court which upheld the blockage of the first one."

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