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Nation’s Dave Zirin: ‘Today’s the Day Lebron James Became President’

‘Today’s the day LeBron James became president’
By Grabien Staff


ZIRIN: "Today's the day LeBron James became president. That's all i was thinking. And I'll just add this. When LeBron James came to this league at age 18, he said two things. He said he wanted to be the richest athlete in the history of world and he said he wanted to be an icon like Muhammad Ali. And I remember hearing that and saying to myself those are two things, but they don't necessarily go well together. And what LeBron James has shown us — I was wrong — he's shown us you can create a synthesis of someone who can build power, build ownership, but also be a political athlete in the mold of Muhammad Ali and he showed today that he didn't just break the mold, he's creating a new mold for political athletes to actually achieve things where politicians cannot."

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