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NBC News: Taliban Takeover Has Been ‘Relatively Peaceful,’ ‘Not in Any Sort of Clashes with U.S. Personnel’

‘The country is now essentially in the hands of the Taliban for all intents and purposes’
By Grabien Staff


AROUZI: "Well, the country is essentially now in the hands of the Taliban for all intents and purposes. They’ve taken over Kabul. The president, or should I now say the former president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, has fled the country. The Taliban have taken over the presidential palace. They’ve renamed the country the Islamic Emirate, taken down the Afghan flag and hoisted up their own colors. It’s been a relatively peaceful, if you like, process. They haven’t had to fire a lot of shots. There hasn’t been a lot of bloodshed in Kabul. It was a pretty straightforward takeover for them. They’ve also taken over the airport. There have been reports of shots fired at the airport and Taliban fighters are all over the place, but they’re not in any sort of clashes with U.S. personnel. Although commercial flights have so far been suspended, military evacuation flights are still taking place. And from what we understand right now, most of the U.S. personnel are at the airport now trying to get on to various evacuation flights out of the country with very few security personnel left at the embassy burning what’s left of sensitive paperwork."

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