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NBC’s Alexander: Trump Calling on Conservative Media Prevented ‘Real Questions’

‘He blamed basically leaks, that he’s called criminal acts’
By Grabien Staff


ALEXANDER: "You are exactly right. What was striking, and I know this is sort of atmospherics, but it does matter in terms of substance which is important, as even Prime Minister Netanyahu said. President Trump, again, called on a series of more conservative leaning news organizations which didn’t allow for any real questions, trying to zero in on this issue of Mike Flynn, the now former national security advisor. What is notable is that Donald Trump has said in some earlier tweets but now he said publicly, he basically blamed leaks that he’s called criminal acts. He said this was an effort to distract from Hillary Clinton’s terrible loss. And more broadly, he said that this was all a result of fake news that Mike Flynn, a wonderful man has been treated very unfairly."

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