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Ned Ryun: Joe Biden Is ‘Talking About Destroying Your Dreams and Ending Your Way of Life’

‘Joe Biden is now the front man for the AOC-Sanders agenda’
By Grabien Staff


RYUN: “And I will say this, Tucker, the thing that’s scary about all of this, if they are given power, that is an agenda that is only accomplished by coercion. This is course of socialism. But to bring it even closer to home, Biden says he wants to end shareholder capitalism. And I want people listening tonight to understand he’s talking about you. If you have a 401(k) and a pension plan, if you're a blue-collar worker, a union member, a retiree sitting in Florida living off your 401(k) or pension, a suburbanite with retirement plans, Joe Biden’s saying he is going to end shareholder capitalism, you are all shareholder capitalists. He’s talking about destroying your dreams and ending your way of life."

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