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Newsom Calls Parents ‘Profoundly Ignorant’ Ginned up by ‘Outside Agitators’ for Opposing Indoctrination in Education

‘It’s just so profoundly ignorant that they’ve been ginned up by outside agitators, perhaps as a combo of this’
By Grabien Staff


NEWSOM: “1,300 families over a year were engaged in development of that curriculum. That's parental engagement by definition. 98.8 percent — forgive me for being precise, but I think one has to be precise — 99 percent supported or were simply agnostic. That’s parental — I don’t know what they’re referring to. That's — that's — and I think one has a responsibility to what specifically are you referring to. Is it the notion that if you reference someone being gay, that somehow that is sexualizing our kids? Is that the case with straight people as well. I mean, if you’re straight, is that sexualizing? I don’t — I mean, it’s rather perverse that I offer that as a rhetorical question because you go, 'Of course not.' So, by def — I don’t know what it is they are asserting. It’s Orwellian, doublespeak, or it's just so profoundly ignorant that they've been ginned up by outside agitators, which I think perhaps is a combination of this. And I’m deeply empathetic because I watch some of these poor parents and they’ve been so misled by these organized groups."

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