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Newsom: I’m Humbled & Grateful; We Said ‘Yes’ to Science, to Ending the Pandemic...

‘I want to focus on what we said ‘Yes’ to as a state’


NEWSOM: "But ‘No’ is not the only thing that was expressed tonight. I want to focus on what we said ‘Yes' to as a state. We said yes to science, we said yes to vaccines. We said yes to ending this pandemic. We said yes to people’s right to vote without fear of fake fraud or voter suppression. We said yes to women’s fundamental constitutional right to decide for herself what she does with her body, her fate and future. We said yes to diversity, we said yes to inclusion. We said yes to pluralism. We said yes to all those things we hold dear as Californians, and I would argue as Americans. Economic justice, social justice, racial justice, environmental justice, our values where California has made so much progress. All of those things were on the ballot this evening. And so I’m humbled and grateful to the millions and millions of Californians that exercised their fundamental right to vote and express themselves so overwhelmingly by rejecting the division, by rejecting the cynicism, by rejecting so much of the negativity that’s defined our politics in this country over the course of so many years.” 

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