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Newt: Biden ‘Is Feeling Snubbed and Betrayed,’ He Thought Everybody Would Love Him

‘You have to recognize Biden resents the American people’
By Grabien Staff


GINGRICH: “I think that’s part of the strategy. They face the reality that they had about as many Covid cases in a year where they had vaccines as Trump did in an entire year where he did not have any vaccines. So they have not made any progress that Biden promised us in the campaign. I think they are enormously frustrated. But I think it goes deeper than that. You have to recognize that Biden resents the American people. He resents their independence. He resents their concern about the border, which they are not supposed to talk about. He resents their anger about Afghanistan, which they ere supposed to forget. So every time he turns around he feels snubbed and kind of betrayed. He thought everybody would love him and he would be uncle Joe, it’ll all work. That’s not what’s going on. I think they are about to face in Congress a real crisis because they have this big government socialist bill of $3.5 trillion. They just had the second bad month in a row of producer price inflation. More than 2/3 of all Americans think it’s crazy to increase spending at a time of inflation. It just drives prices up. I’ll be curious to see the Democrats come back from this district period and what they heard from back home because I think a lot of it is very negative.”

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