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Noah: The Dem Nominee Is Being Picked By States that Do Not Accurately Represent the Party

‘That is long before minority voters have had their say’


NOAH: “That’s right, Joe Biden’s campaign has basically become a Madea movie. If black people don’t turn up, it’s toast. And even though he does make a good point. It is a little weird, you have to admit it is a little weird that the story of the democratic race has now been written by two states that aren’t representative of the Democratic Party. Think about it, two overwhelmingly white states shape who the democratic nominee will be. Right? That is long before minority voters have had their say. If is if the Democratic Party is having a buffet but then white people get to pick the menu. And if you are black that sucks because you get there and man, why the Hell is there raisins in everything, man? And who the [bleep] Is broccoli rab.”

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