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Noah: Liberals Should Have Patience for People Like Nicki Minaj with Vaccine Hesitancy

‘You also had to get there’


NOAH: “And she even dug up an old tweet from last year where Joy Reid was saying she would never trust the vaccine because it was developed under Donald Trump. And honestly, I think Nicki has a point here. I mean, Joy Reid was skeptical of the vaccine. Just a year ago, just a year ago, she was like, "I don’t trust this vaccine and I’ll never trust the vaccine." In fact, a lot of liberals were in the same position. And people like that should probably have a little more patience for people who haven’t gotten over that hesitancy as fast as they have. You know, you’re like, “Yeah, I’m over it now, I’m with the vaccine,” but you also had to get there. Have a little patience.”

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