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Noah Mocks Trump: Seeing Besties Putin and Xi Jin Ping Meeting Without Him Has Got to Hurt

‘China and Russia teaming up against the United States?’


NOAH:  “Oh, man. China and Russia teaming up against the United States? I mean, America could probably handle China or Russia, but not both at the same time. Like, imagine if in “Rocky four” they were fighting and Jackie Chan jumped in the rink to help. That wouldn’t end of rocky. It would be done. There would be no “Rocky five,” no rocky Balboa. No “Rocky goes to space,” and definitely no “50 shades of rocky.” None of those movies. Now, jnd geopolitics, the personal elements of this bromance is probably something that’s going to bug Donald Trump. Because don’t forget, he wants to be a part of this club. He loves those dudes. He admires Putin and talks about how he and Gianni Infantino are great friends. So to see his two besties together has got to hurt. I don’t think he’s dealing with his feelings in the most mature way.”

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