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Noah: On Top of Coronavirus, Black People Have to Deal with Everyday Racism

‘What do you expect black people to do?’


NOAH: “You see, overall, black people are less likely to have health insurance. Black people are more likely to have preexisting conditions like asthma and diabetes. And those things make coronavirus more lethal. Black people are also more likely to be in service jobs where you can’t work from home. And you have to come into contact with lots of people every day. And of course, there's always just straight-up racism that affects black people as well. For example, one study has found that black people have been less likely to be offered a coronavirus test by their doctor even if they are exhibiting the same symptoms as white patients. Yeah. So while almost every industry around the world is shut down, it looks like racism is still considered an essential service. And racism is even affecting whether or not black people can protect themselves and cover their faces when they go outside."

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