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Not Again! Beto Mocked After Livestreaming Another Doctor Visit

O’Rourke’s latest attempt at virality is once again backfiring

It looks like Beto’s guns were already confiscated.

In his latest attempt at generating buzz, the last-place 2020 candidate livestreamed getting a flu shot, but probably wishes it was an inoculation against mockery. 

As O’Rourke winced during the vaccination, many online couldn’t help but laugh:

Tweet #1179527282614030336
Tweet #1179448987126046720
Tweet #1179449291561152512

O’Rourke, whose earlier stunts included livestreaming a dental cleaning, skateboarding on stage, and attempting to play the drums, is apparently hoping that broadcasting his flue shot over social media will put him back onto Democrats’ radar. 

O’Rourke’s current RealClearPolitics polling average is 2.2 percent. 



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