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NSA Sullivan: We’ve Given No List of All the American SIV Holders to the Taliban

‘That is the type of coordination we’ve done with the Taliban’
By Grabien Staff


SULLIVAN: "I have just laid out for you the process that we have used, which is to have groups of people move to locations that we have identified, to work with the Taliban to get them through those locations and to the airport. And we have not, to my knowledge, had instances where, when we have coordinated to get a particular movement onto the airfield outside of HKIA, that we have been unable to get that group that we, the United States government, has said, this is a priority for us, we need to move it onto the airfield. Of course, there have been people turned away at Taliban checkpoints. And we are now working to try to resolve all of those cases, so that, if there is anyone eligible to come to the United States, we're able to get them here. But the idea of what you just quoted from a Pentagon official is not, flat-out not correct. There is no such 'kill list.' That is — it is nonsense, it is irresponsible and unfounded reporting."

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