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Nunes Slams Comey: He ‘Continues to Make a Mockery of the Entire FBI and the DoJ’

‘The former FBI director is not a stupid man and he is acting awfully stupid’
By Grabien Staff


[clip starts]
COMEY: "FBI doesn’t spy to begin with, the FBI investigates."
COOPER: "You said it is not spying. Why do you think Attorney General Barr use the word spying which is obviously a word that the president used as well?"
COMEY: "I can’t explain it. I mean, the only explanation I can think of is he used because the president uses it."
COOPER: "How much work did the FBI do to verify that dossier?"
COMEY: "There were a lot of spokes off of that we don’t know whether were true or false and we were trying to figure out what we can make of it."
COOPER: "Are you confident you did everything by the book and that the FBI, the people around you did everything by the book?"
COMEY: "Yes."
[clip ends]
HENRY: "Well, James Comey having his say, perhaps he is a little worried about what the Attorney General Bill Barr might be up to and who he might be scrutinizing. Let's bring in Republican Devin Nunes. He, of course is California Congressman and more importantly the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee who has been ahead of curve on this throughout the story. Good morning, Congressman."
EARHARDT: "Good morning."
NUNES: "Good morning. How are you guys doing?"
HENRY: "So, let’s go straight to it. James Comey says he did it by the book."
NUNES: "Yeah. I’m actually interested watch that entire interview because it seems to me like this is a guy who continues to just make a mockery of the entire FBI and the Department of Justice.”

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