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NY Assemblyman Kim: Cuomo’s Threatening ‘Left My Wife in Tears for Two Hours’

‘He left an indelible mark on my family’
By Grabien Staff


CAVUTO: “How was he going to ruin it? What did he say he was going to ruin it?”
KIM: “He laid out how he was going to come out to the public and tell everyone how bad of a human being I am and it would ruin my career, I mean, the way he presented himself — it left my wife in tears for two hours. He left an indelible mark on my family. It was a direct threat, if I did not issue a statement that he can use to cover up for his top aide. And he at one point, I will tell you, Neil, he did say who do you think you are? Well, I am the chair of the committee on aging in the New York state assembly. It’s my job to protect older adults. I shouldn’t be threatened for doing my job and that is exactly what’s happening here.”

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