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NY Mayor Adams: Migrants That Were Bused to NY Were ‘Misled,’ ‘Covid-Positive,’ ‘Tagged’

‘This is a blight on our entire country’
By Grabien Staff


ADAMS: “It's really unfortunate when you watch government misrepresent where you're sending people. In some cases, we had those who were Covid-positive on the buses with individuals who were dehydrated, didn't have proper food. Some were even tagged, like you would tag an animal. It's really unfortunate that a country that is known for the humanitarian actions. This is a blight on our entire country. But it -- again, it falls in line with some of the inhumane and some of the changes that you're seeing in some of the basic laws of women's rights to choose and of gun reform in this country coming from particular locations, like George (sic) DeSantis and Abbott. So, when one wants to travel to another location, and they are forced to go to New York City, these are the things that we have witnessed, based on our preliminary interviews and conversation with those migrants seeking -- asylum seekers."


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