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NYC Mayor Adams: ‘This Is Not a Homeless Issue, This Is a Migrant, Refugee, Asylum Crisis That We Are Facing’

‘This is humanitarian action that was created by human hands’
By Grabien Staff


ADAMS: "This nobody could’ve predicted over 13,000 refugee asylum seekers, migrants coming to New York City. We will always fulfill our moral and legal obligation to House and New Yorker. And those who come to the city, this is not a homeless issue. This is a migrant, refugee, asylum crisis that we are facing. And this is humanitarian action that was created by human hands. And so those who have evaluated the situation, based on traditional models that have descended plays over 40 years ago. Now those who seek housing in New York City must get that housing. We filled out all the time and we have done that to with over 13,000 people have come to New York. That is not the same issue and they need to look at it through the proper prison. And not tried to state that we are not meeting our obligations. Both legally and morally."

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