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NYT Reporter: ‘Believe It or Not’ Conservatives Are Telling Me They Are More than Ever Behind Judge Kavanaugh

‘They feel he’s being unfairly attacked’
By Grabien Staff


STOLBERG: "You saw President Trump come out today and say he stands by him, he's with him all the way. We're told Senator Mitch McConnell will make a full-throated endorsement of Judge Kavanaugh when he takes the Senate floor this afternoon. We’re already seeing statements from people like Orrin Hatch and Tom Cotton, both Republican senators, saying, 'Let’s go ahead with the hearing and go ahead with the vote.' And they are attacking Democrats as running a smear campaign. And I think this is actually galvanizing conservatives, believe it or not. Conservatives are telling me that they are more than ever behind Judge Kavanaugh. They feel he’s being unfairly attacked. And as you know, we’re in the middle of a midterm election season, so this is apparently riling up the conservative base just as the stories from these women are energizing Democrats, especially Democratic women."

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