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NYT’s Blow Contrasts Trump Base with ‘The Rest of Us Who Are Sane’

‘What are his supporters thinking?’
By Grabien Staff


BLOW: "But I think that we, we make a mistake when we look at Donald Trump and say, 'I can’t believe. And what are his supporters thinking?' Because we put so much, we center his support and his base to a degree that is not healthy for the rest of us who are sane and looking at this through the normal prism of morality and character, because they are not."

MAHER: "Right."

BLOW: "As I have said before, they treat Donald Trump as folk hero. The folk hero does not have to play by the same rules of morality that the rest of us do. The folk hero is allowed to do things that you wouldn’t allow in your own home. You wouldn’t allow you — between you and your boss. They know he’s lying,but they don’t allow their sons and daughters to lie to them and they don’t go to work and lie to their bosses. But because he has transcended, in their minds, to that level, the only sin that the folk hero can —  can commit is to —  is to betray the folk."


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