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NYT’s Craig: Trump Wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’ in 1987 and Lost Tens of Millions of Dollars That Year’

‘Trump was already in deep financial distress, losing tens of millions of dollars’


CRAIG: "I thought it was incredible when we saw the data. If there was one era in his life that you thought he would have done well, it would have been this. I wouldn’t have predicted that every year would have had a loss. This is a guy who wrote a memoir about 'Art of the Deal' in 1987 and lost tens of millions of dollars that year. If I could have picked a decade, having followed his finances, there would have been at least one or two years in here I thought he was doing well. He's always said 1990 was the year he hit the rocks. Now we see that he was losing significant amounts of money. We now know through at least 1984, because we’ve got transparency into that thanks to the ‘85 return information we’ve now seen."

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