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OAN: Former Hunter Biden Associate Bevan Cooney, Now Jailed, Turns Over 26,000 Emails to Reporter

‘Bevan sent me his login with written authorization, saying I want you to go through my emails’
By Grabien Staff


POSOBIEC: "Tyrmand explained to us that he was authorized to access to the email address of Bevan Cooney, a former business associate of Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, who has since been incarcerated. Cooney says, according to Tyrmand, that he felt like he was the fall guy and wanted to come clean."

TYRMAND: "Bevan Cooney's emails, there's about 26,000 of them, so obviously it's taking some time for me to start to sift through them and understand what I'm looking at. There was mentions of what Peter and I kind of referred to as the United Nations global corruption, these four countries are China, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. That's predominantly what these business emails have to do with, it's these theaters of business."

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