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Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Defends Putting Children in ‘Cages’

‘It was during the spike, we had a lot of unaccompanied children’
By Grabien Staff


JOHNSON: "So, the photograph you're referring to was a facility in Arizona. I recognized the photograph because Governor Brewer was with me and it was during the spike and we had a lot of unaccompanied kids, we had a lot of family units. And under the law, once they're apprehended by the Border Patrol, within 72 hours we have to transfer unaccompanied children to HHS, and HHS then puts them in a shelter and they find placement for them somewhere in the United States. But during that 72-hour period, when you have, you know, something that is a multiple, like four times of what you're accustomed to in the existing infrastructure, you've got to find places quickly to put kids. You can't just dump seven-year-old kids on the streets McAllen or El Paso. And so these facilities were erected, and that one was I think a large warehouse and put those chain-link partitions up so you could segregate young women from young men, you know, kids from adults, until they were either released or transferred to HHS. Is that ideal? Of course not."

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