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Obama Hits Trump: ‘In the Closing Weeks of this Election, We’ve Seen Repeated Attempts To Divide Us with Rhetoric’

‘Every time we gain a victory, we move the country in a more generous, more Progressive direction’
By Grabien Staff


OBAMA: “We have been at a crossroads before. And each time, ultimately, America has made good decisions. Sometimes it’s taken longer than it should. But, when we’ve made the right decisions, when we’ve chosen the better course. It hasn’t just happened by itself. It’s happened because ordinary folks decided we are going to get off the couch. We are going to go mobilize. Where going to go march. We're going to go vote for a better - - [applause]. And it is because of the efforts of folks like you. That way abolished slavery and we and the Great Depression. And workers won the right to unionize. And women won the right to vote. That’s why we had a civil rights movement. I know workers rights movement. And LGBT movement, because people fought for it. And by the way, every time we gain a victory, we move the country in a more generous, more Progressive direction. Usually there’s somebody pushing back. Wanting to preserve the status quo. We get periods of Progressive advancement but then conservative retrenchment. In the closing weeks of this election, we’ve seen repeated attempts to divide us. With rhetoric. To try to turn us on one another. It’s an old playbook where the powerful underprivileged say whatever it takes to protect their power and privilege. Even if it hurts the count, even when it puts people at risk. The good news is Indiana, when you vot, you can reject that kind of politics."

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