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Obama Repeats Debunked Biden Bus Story: ‘Imagine if the Roles Were Reversed!’

‘Democrats would have said that’s wrong’


OBAMA: “I mean, what — what — what’s going to happen to this country and our democracy if our leaders when folks act recklessly and dangerously and irresponsibly are — think that’s okay? Think that’s fine. It’s not. Imagine if I had done that when I was president. Imagine if that was reversed. Imagine if — if I had gone around from — in rallies saying, yeah, intimidate folks. We’re going to send folks out and make sure it’s harder for them to vote and — and, you know, if they — people — people would have said — Democrats would have said that’s wrong. Well, you know what? This is wrong. And it needs to change. And you have the power to change it. But if we’re going to change it, we’ve got to turn out like never before."

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