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Obama Says He Made ‘Bad Choices’ as Fatherless Youth But Didn’t Beat Kids up or Set Things on Fire

‘I have to be careful not to overstate’
By Grabien Staff


COOPER: "You say you were a lackadaisical student, a passionate basketball of limited talent, and an incessant, dedicated partier. 'No student government for me, no Eagle Scouts or interning at the local congressman’s office.'"
OBAMA: "No, look, I was — I have to be careful not to overstate. I was not, you know, going around, you know, beating kids up — "
COOPER: "I get it."
OBAMA: " — and, you know, setting things on fire. But I understood what it meant to not have a father in the house. I understood what it meant to be in an environment in which you were an outsider.”

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