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Ocasio-Cortez to Women: Society Teaches Us ‘to Try and Act Like White Men’

‘It’s down to how your how you are kind of forced or were encouraged to speak’


OCASIO-CORTEZ: “There are so many subconscious forces that make us try to act like somebody else and that’s why it was important. I discussed this, it was important for me to you know where hoop earrings to my swearing in. Because we’re taught that you like when you’re a woman of color there are just so many things about you that is just, like, non-conforming. You know, like, my -- I happen to have been -- you know, that's what I'm saying, let's like -- I happen to have been born with straight hair but my nieces have, like, frost, right. And so, down that there are places where you have to like make more space. And -- and we’re taught to like -- like put our hair back, and be small, and -- and articulate in a certain way, and you know, be square, and essentially try to -- try to do an impression of power, which has really our subconscious signals to try to act like white men.”

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