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One Pittsburgh Steeler, an Army Vet, Emerges from Locker Room to Stand for Anthem

The Steelers ‘were booed heavily by the fans there in Chicago’
By Grabien Staff

ZARIF: "We will continue to see this and if we see the Pittsburgh Steelers sidelined. The lone steeler who did come out for the national anthem, as he did serve in the army, and he felt even though his team was staying in the locker room, he was going to come out. Mike Tomlin who said that his team wasn't going to be coming out he did come out and stand on the sidelines as well. Here's the Steelers coming out on the field and they were booed heavily by the fans there in Chicago."
WHITFIELD: "For that decision?"
ZARIF: "You have to assume. I mean obviously visiting teams are booed whenever they come on the field, but according to some reporters who I know on Twitter, they're both saying that the boos are a little louder than they normally would be for a visiting team running out on the field."

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