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Orlando Victim Mom: ‘Common Sense’ Terror Strategy Is ‘Banning Assault Weapons, Not Muslims’

‘We could ban people who are mentally ill and committing domestic abuse from owning and possessing handguns’
By Grabien Staff


LEINONEN: "Well, the common-sense thing to do would be to ban assault weapons, not ban Muslims. That we can do that. That's practical it's been done before, doesn't violate the U.S. constitution and the President swore when he was sworn in that he would uphold the United States constitution and then turned around and violated the United States constitution where we can do practical things. Banning assault weapons and high capacity clips, my son's killer was born like you said in the United States. He grew up in the United States. He has our culture, our culture and love of weapons and yet we're encouraging that kind of hatred this type of rhetoric and the Muslim ban is encouraging that hateful rhetoric that is going to encourage even more people -- and it already did." 

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