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Ottawa Police Prevents Woman to Get Coffee, Yells ‘Get out of Here’

‘If you don’t leave right now, you’ll be arrested’
By Grabien Staff


WOMAN: "I just want to get a coffee, okay?"

POLICE OFFICER 1: "Why is a camera in my face right now? Are you here partaking? Right now you’re in the red zone — "

WOMAN: "You walked up to me. I'm scared. I want to go for a coffee down there. Can I go for a coffee?"

POLICE OFFICER 2: "Where is your residence, ma'am?"

WOMAN: "Pardon?"

POLICE OFFICER 2: "Do you live [inaudible]?"

WOMAN: "No, I don't live here, but I — "

POLICE OFFICER 1: "There are people still being arrested right now. You're not excluded from that."

POLICE OFFICER 2: "Where do you live?"

WOMAN: "Alberta."

POLICE OFFICER 1: "It’s time for you to leave."

WOMAN: "I can't even go down there for a coffee?"

POLICE OFFICER 2: "No. Go grab yourself and leave."

POLICE OFFICER 1: "You're in a red zone now. If you don’t leave right now, you will be arrested. You understand me?"


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