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Our 16 Favorite Montages from 2016

Let’s rewind the tape on an action-packed year
By Grabien Staff

Trump. Brexit. Orlando. The Paris Treaty. Castro. Wikileaks. Hacks. Iran. Hillary. The FBI. The news came hard and fast in 2016, and we've still got 10 days to go. But as things wind down, we here at Grabien thought it would be fun to revisit our 16 favorite montages of the year. 

These aren't based on stats or any other data-driven metric. They're just the ones we liked the best. If you missed any the first time around, check them out below. 

16. The year kicked off, as it's wont to do, with a presidential address on the State of the Union. And as we're wont to do, we recapped all of the unkept promises Obama made in previous SOTU addresses. By his final year, he amassed a staggering 140. Check them all out here. 

15. After Iran captured 19 American sailors, many Democrats ... praised Iran for its civilized abduction of our Navymen.

14. In his final State of the Union address, Obama called for "a new politics" that prioritized civility and rhetorical restraint. But has Obama adhered to his own standards? Sure -- if you ignore everything in the montage below. 

13. A man named John Kasich participated in this year's Republican primary. Curious as to who this newcomer was, we investigated. Our conclusion? John Kasich is a really weird dude. See for yourself.

12. This year our president traveled to China and Laos and continued what many in the conservative media have taken to calling his "Apology Tour," where he visits foreign lands and offers unsolicited apologies on behalf of America. During this particular junket, Obama trashed America no fewer than 18 times.

11. Speaking of the president, he became an outspoken critic of Donald Trump calling America's political system "rigged." Perhaps that's because only he's allowed to do that.

10. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump unquestionably has a big mouth. And often that mouth spouts ... colorful language. Witness the oratorical Stylings of Donald J. Trump [NSFW!] 

9. After Wikileaks exposed the DNC's innerworkings, wherein party boss Debbie Wasserman-Schultz schemed to sabotage Bernie Sanders, Wasserman Schultz tendered her resignation. But let's not forget what she was telling Democratic voters before the Wikileaks expose. 

8. Last month the longtime dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro, finally expired. For Cubans, this was a time for wild celebration. For America's media, it was a time for mourning.

7. Have we mentioned Obama's habit of talking trash about America in the company of foreigners? In his final address to the United Nations, this unfortunate habit was back in full force.

6. Is there anything more awkward than Donald Trump trying to speak forthrightly about his religious faith? Don't answer until you watch the montage below. 

5. Obama spoke in the primetime slot at Hillary's nominating convention, so naturally he spoke at length about ... (spoiler: himself -- We counted 119 references to himself.)

4. In February MSNBC called a show canceled a show hosted by Melissa Harris-Perry. We can only surmise the reason they hadn't done so sooner -- as the below montage will attest -- was because, like other Americans, they simply weren't aware of its existence.

3. This year Obama celebrated his re-opening of ties with Cuba with a personal visit to the communist island, tacking on a layover in Argentina on the way back. During his many speeches, can you guess which country came in for the most criticism?

2. After the worst massacre of Americans since 9/11 came in an Orlando nightclub, one might think the media would adopt a circumspect approach to their reporting, much like they did post-9/11. Instead we got ... hot takes.

1. Last but not least comes one of the most assured media talking points of 2016: Americans will never install Donald Trump as president. Indeed, Hillary is certain to win ... in a "landslide." So much for that. 

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