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Pa. Secretary on Voting Counties that Returned More Ballots than Requested: The Records Were Wrong

‘The data was just not in the right place, basically’


BOOCKVAR: "You know, I can't remember Lancaster County specifically. What I can tell you is that some of the counties — so, in Lancaster, I'm thinking it probably had to do — so they're one of, I think, the two counties that have Hart voting systems. Each voting system vendor has the way they translate with the data, has worked slightly differently. And as you know, this dashboard, and even the website, it's the first year that we broke out provisional ballots, mail-in ballots, and in-person. So, some of the reporting, if the county's files were not done perfectly, it might merge to the categories, it might put things in the wrong category. So we've been working on all those quirks. Like, I know, for example, York was off for a little while but that is now corrected. So that may explain what was going on with Lancaster. There's just been — most of it has been the county, the way they sent us the files, the data was just not in the right place, basically."

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