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Pat Toomey: 75 Million Americans Who Voted for Trump ‘Are Not Evil’

‘75 million Americans are not stupid’
By Grabien Staff


TOOMEY: “I never felt and I still don't think that my job was to be his — the editor of his Twitter feed, although I was very often critical. But this raises the question of, why did 75 million people vote for this man whose character flaws were always very apparent? 75 million Americans are not stupid. They're not evil. What we did was, we looked at a choice that we had between an ever more radicalized left-wing Democratic Party and a man who's very, very flawed, but with whom we actually had very substantive success in the early parts of his administration, with a record-performing economy, with peace agreements in the Middle East, with restoring the strength of our military and all kinds of judicial confirmations. It wasn't a referendum on Donald Trump. It was a choice. And that's why I think 75 million Americans voted for him."

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