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Pelosi on Covid Bill: GOP ‘Took So Long’ Because They Believe in Herd Immunity

‘That’s why they never could come to the first bill pillar to crush the virus’
By Grabien Staff


PELOSI: "What took so long is because we could not get our Republican colleagues to crush the virus. I could not understand it. Why would they not want to invest in the science that has told us so importantly that it required testing, tracing, treatment, and separation, sanitation, and the rest. And when we had the bill and the HEROES Act and even the smaller HEROES Act because we reduced the time, they said, 'We just made a light touch on your language on testing.' No, 53% of it to take out everything that referred to minority communities. Communities of color were so hard-hit in all of this. And now we see why. They didn’t believe in the science, we knew that, but they did believe in herd immunity. That’s why we never could come to that first pillar: crush the virus.”

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