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Pelosi: Efforts to Hold China Accountable on Coronavirus Are a ‘Diversion’

‘We’re talking about going forward, there’ll be plenty of time for after-action review’


PELOSI: "Let me just say that what the President is saying about China is interesting. It’s an interesting diversion. Right now our focus should be on meeting the needs of the American people. I’ve even said putting aside how we got here in our own country, because we should be using our energy and how we go forward than making judgments about what his administration did or didn’t do. We’re talking about going forward. There’ll be plenty of time for after-action review. And part from what we do, there’ll be scientists and others who will be tracing, rightfully — not even rightfully so, it's urgent and needed for them to trace the origins of such a pandemic scientifically, but not politically.”

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